Saturday, April 17, 2010

De-Stress the Everyday Clutter

We all have it. Areas of clutter that prevent us from feeling like we live in the house that we want to live in. We also have those people who are so organized they make us sick - sick with envy. I'm jealous of my mother-in-law, which is totally unfair since she is probably borderline OCD (but, boy, is her house clean)! And even though I know she loves me, I can't imagine what she thinks of my house!

There has to be a happy medium though, a place between OCD and hoarder. After all, I have kids and aspirations beyond human vacuum.

So here's the plan. I'm making a list of all the areas in my life that need a thorough de-clutter and organization. And we're working through them. This week it's my fridge (see post below) and below I've identified other hotspots, or areas that get me all worked up and stressed out. There's one catch though. I'm taking my sweet time. I'm doing this right by creating a workable plan. It's unrealistic to devote 8 hours a day to a project right now. These projects have to fit into my everyday chores not overwhelm them. I mean what good is it to get something organized if the rest of your house is in shambles?

My Hotspots

the hall closet
kitchen cabinets
laundry room
office (bill system)
the kids' closet
Syd's changing table

any other organization would be gravy

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