Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Drum Roll Please!

I am a woman with many interests. I definitely fall into the category "Jack of all trades, Master of none!" As such balancing what this blog is about versus some of my other passions has been daunting at times. So I've made a decision. EcoMomics will continue to a great place to come for couponing, cleaning, and home decor/organization tutorials. However, with the upcoming arrival of Sydney in March, I know I've been a little baby crazy. I've also been wanting to spend more time writing about parenting philosophies, products, and theories but I haven't wanted to overwhelm EcoMomics with it. So I've created a second blog which will now house my baby/child project tutorials, articles on birth and parenting issues as well as reviews of various products. You can expect it to be super crunchy and very AP-friendly. So if you are as interested in cloth diapering and co-sleeping as you are cleaning, come over and check it out (warning: it's a big work in progress!): http://connectedmom.blogspot.com

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Lara said...

Wow, two blogs!? I'm having such a tough time keeping up with the one. I do understand that it's hard to narrow focus / interests into one topic. I feel like I've got way too many things going on in mine.